The Amazing Doughnut Burrito Is Here To Blow Your Mind

Two great breakfast dishes unite in one wonderfully disgusting “doughrito”.

Everyone has had one of those mornings: You peel your eyes open, barely remember your actions from the night before when all of a sudden, it feels like a mallet is being smashed into the back of your skull. Your mouth is dry, exposure to sunlight isn’t hardly an option, and all you want is for the pain to go away.

Hangovers can be cruel, but luckily, they aren’t permanent. While some turn to healthy, rejuvenating options to bring their body back to live, others resort to that quick fix of a greasy, day’s worth of calorie mean that usually consists of bacon, eggs, and cheese sandwiched together.  The bacon-egg-and-cheese will of course always be a stone-cold classic, but thanks to California’s Surfin’ Donuts, there’s a new player in breakfast town set to blow your mind.

Say hello to the Doughrito: An unholy combo of salty, sweet, savory, and artery clogging that will most definitely get you out of bed after a long night of debauchery. Consisting of eggs, salsa, plus a meat and doughnut flavor of your choosing encased in a burrito shell, the Doughrito smashes all those menu options into one delicious meal guaranteed to revive you with just enough time to make it for boozy brunch.

Calorie count not included.

h/t FoodBeast