Check Out Photographer Dove Shore’s NSFW Shots of the Sexiest Women in the World

Greatest job ever?


(Photo: Dove Shore)

In the competitive industry of high-end photography, reputation is everything. And nothing solidifies a reputation more than famous faces—a lot of them. Dove Shore has more than his share.

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Shore, a 41-year-old longtime Los Angeleno, was effervescent and more than a little enthusiastic about his work during a recent conversation with Maxim. It’s easy to understand why: His recent projects include a who’s who of A-list celebrities and hot-as-the-sun models. Names like Keaton, Hamm, Piven, Gyllenhaal, and Franco, along with current “it” models such as Hosk, Clauson, Rohrbach, and Jenner

(Photo: Dove Shore)
(Photo: Dove Shore)

He’s the shooter of the moment, but Shore was not an overnight success. He studied cinematography and worked for a number of big L.A. directors on commercials. Later he took photography classes at Santa Monica College. While there, he moved into an apartment with a group of musicians, including Scott Weiland of Velvet Revolver, and this introduction to the music world provided Shore with both direction and connections.

(Photo: Dove Shore)

“I went down to shoot Lenny Kravitz at his house in the Bahamas for just a short little piece,” he recalls. “Halfway through the shoot we just kind of hit it off. He loved my photography.” After Shore left for the airport he received a call from Kravitz’s people, who asked if he’d be interested in working on the visuals for the musician’s next album. 

(Photo: Dove Shore)

Six months of solid work later, Shore started seeing more opportunities to shoot celebrities and top models alike. He found that prepping to photograph a fully nude model required a whole different set of skills. It’s inherently awkward, and Shore strives to put his subjects at ease. Music helps. “You really have to have a good sense of people’s energy,” he says. “You’ve just got to know what you want, get it fast, and hopefully get it well.”

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