5 Drake ‘Hotline Bling’ Dance Moves Every Man Should Know

Ensure your phone will ring off the hook.

While we were totally flipping over the new Star Wars trailer, the 6 God was in a studio making someone’s “Hotline Bing.”  In a Director X-helmed clip, Drake flexes in a $400 Acne Studios turtleneck, naps on a girl’s butt, and shows off the fanciest moves that’ll ensure that your hotline, too, will bling.

Check out the five moves from the artist’s new video that’ll ensure your phone will ring off the hook, and watch the video below.

For When The Beat Drops

For When You Spot Her And She’s All The Way Across The Club

For When She’s Playing Hard To Get

For When She Needs A Demonstration

For When She’s Said She Wants It

Watch the full video: