A Drink With Partida Tequila

We drink tequila and then write about it. What do you do at work?

We sat down with an expert at Partida, a super-premium 100% agave tequila, and shared our tasting notes. Long story short: we liked it.

Partida Blanco

This well-balanced tequila isn’t aged. It has a fresh, agave flavor and a pleasant finish that lingers gently on the palate.

Maxim Editor Cory: This tastes like freshly mown grass. Since it isn’t aged and doesn’t have a lot of depth, this would make a great mixer.

Partida Reposado

Aged for six months, this delivers nuances of flavor without the overbearing smoky flavor common to so many Reposados. You’ll notice aromas of chocolate and vanilla, hazelnut and almond with a deep, rich finish.

Maxim Editor Cory: I wouldn’t mix this with anything. It’s smooth enough to drink on the rocks and has a clean, spicy finish. Can I have another?

Partida Anejo

Aged 18 months, this Anejo has a depth of flavor not seen among other so-called super premium tequilas. With its intense golden color, it has a fruity aroma with notes of cherry, almond and spices. This is a tequila to be savored slowly.

Maxim Editor Cory: I didn’t know tequila could be this smooth. It’s like water that gives me self confidence.