Drinking Military-Style

Goofy products for the military-minded boozer.

It’s the Thirst World War with these goofy products for the military-minded boozer.

Bullet to the Gut

Get more bang for your booze with these 12 Gauge Shot Glasses. Make kamikazes, not war! $15 for four, cgets.com

Aim to Please

Pour a shot into the Alcohol Shot gun, cock it, point, and fire (just not at a guy lighting a cigar). $23, drinkingstuff.com

Get Loaded

Stash your fave sauvignon blanc in a Chiller Cask, made of decommissioned ammunition cases. $40, the20wines.com

Tactical Drinking

The OPMOD Battle Mug has mil-spec scope rails to hold real tactical gear. Sounds safe, right? $250, opticsplanet.net