If You’re Obsessed with Cars and Watches, You’ll Want this New Photo Book

They have more in common than you think.


(Photo: Amaury Laparra)

The worlds of luxury watchmaking and racing collide in the new photo book Drive Time. Author Aaron Sigmond explores the long-running history of automobile and motorcycle-inspired timepieces, curating images of iconic models mostly from the mid-to-late twentieth century.

Known car connoisseur Jay Leno even mused about the similarities between driving and counting time in a forward to the book:

Mechanical watches and automobiles have a lot in common. For example, a contemporary twin clutch paddle-shift transmission might be faster than a conventional manual gearbox, but I don’t think it’s more satisfying to drive. Then consider this: An electronic watch might keep time to the hundredth of a second, but that’s nowhere near as rewarding as that quiet moment when you wind the crown on a mechanical watch each evening before you go to bed.

Below, see the interplay in five images from the photo book:

(Photo: Bell & Ross)
(Photo: Rude des Archives/Collection CSFF courtesy of TAG Heuer)
(Photo: Spyker N.V + EDAI)
(Photo: Spyker N.V + EDAI)
(Photo: The Ford Motor Company + David Yurman)

Drive Time: Watches Inspired by Automobiles, Motorcycles and Racing is now available through Rizzoli for $85.