Drowning Pool Wants That 82-Year-Old ‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant to Join Them On Stage

The octogenarian ex-Navy Pilot blew minds with his unforgettable performance of “Bodies”.


82-year old John Hetlinger shook the America’s Got Talent stage Tuesday night with an unexpectedly intense rendition of Drowning Pool’s screamo anthem, “Bodies.”

The former Navy pilot not only caught the attention of all four celebrity judges, but also the band itself, who are now seeking him out to join them on stage for what undoubtedly will be a truly epic performance.

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“I would love to have him come out onstage and sing a song with us,” Drowning Pool guitarist C.J. Pierce tells Billboard. “We invite a lot of people on the stage. That song has been great for us. It’s such a fun song to play. 

“We had a guest onstage with us last week, Aidan Fisher; he is 13 years old and plays guitar. He was amazing, so we had him up to play ‘Bodies.’ So I would love to have John up there singing a song with us.” 

Pierce then continued to acknowledge Hetlinger’s similarity to Old School‘s famous elderly character, Blue, and how his Denver pals would replicate a scene from the 2003 film in order to ensure his show appearance. 

“I think they should go pull up with Metallica blasting and go pick up John and bring him to the airport and we’ll go do a show,” Pierce said. “John’s our boy, Blue!” 

Fingers crossed there’s no streaking involved.