Karen Gillian Defends Wearing ‘Child-Sized’ Jumanji Outfit

Not that we’re complaining.


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson wants to make sure the upcoming installment in the Jumanji series is as authentic as possible.

That involves just about everything, from the set, to the tone, and the costumes – even if they’re a few sizes too small. Actress Karen Gillian recently faced criticism as to why she was wearing “child-sized” clothes in comparison to her safari-styled companions, and how it even fits into the film’s plot of the 1995 Robin Williams family movie. 

Even the U.K.’s normally high-minded The Guardian weighed in on the Jumanji “sexism controversy”:

The first photo from the set was unveiled earlier this week. It shows Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (who is playing ‘The Smoldering Dr. Bravestone’), Gillan (who plays Martha), Kevin Hart and Jack Black. The picture sees Gillan wearing a skimpy outfit while her co-stars are far more modestly dressed.
Following criticism over Gillan’s “revealing” outfit, the actress herself has now taken to Twitter to say that there is a reason why she is “wearing child sized clothes” in the photo. She adds: “The pay off is worth it, I promise”.

The Rock, on the other hand, is swagged out in a modern day safari gear as new character, Dr. Bravestone, in a new Instagram video. He wants the world to know what being immersed in the middle of the jungle has done to him over the past months. Too bad Johnson is a terrible liar.

“We’re deep in the jungle. I believe I am discovering new land, new territories, you can see this is as real as it gets,” he says. “I have had no water, no food. I’ve been catching fish with my bare hands, that I do not even recognize. They have three heads. I’m hallucinating out here. I have had zero contact with the outside world.”


Even co-star Kevin Hart took to social media to express some feelings towards the film, this time focusing on production’s halt due to a much-needed rice break for Jack Black.

The cast sounds like they’re having a blast – but will it live up to expectations when it’s released next year? And where the hell are more of Karen Gillian and her crop top and tiny shorts in these teasers?

We’re waiting.