Dwyane Wade Teaches Us The Secret Of The Psyche-Out

The star of the new Dove Men+Care commercials tells you how to get in your opponent’s head.

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade obviously knows a little something about winning (check the paper if you don’t know what we’re talking about). The perpetual NBA all-star spoke to us from the set of his great new Dove Men+Care commercial (check it out below!) about how he gets in his opponent’s heads.

(Wade: Chris Trotman/ Getty, Brain: Istockphoto)

Start With Silence

“My high school coach told me, ‘Act like you’ve been here before.’ I’m not much of a trash talker; I just act like I’ve done it before. That’s really intimidating.”

Use Body Language

“If I want to get a defender off me, I’ll let him feel my strength. When guys are physical, I get to a more aggressive level.”

Learn From the Best

“Gary Payton was the master. I can’t even repeat what he’d say. He took it from the streets and got into guys’ heads.”


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