E3’s Facebook Games Destined to Piss You Off

Clogging up your Facebook feed in the near future

What would a game convention be without the newest bastard stepchild of a video game category? If you thought FarmVille or Mafia Wars were bad, wait til you get a peek at what’s in store for the future of your Facebook newsfeed. Anyone want to go back to Friendster?

SimCity Social

Most people associate SimCity with the wonderful nostalgia of a childhood God complex. Even though EA is rebooting the series for the PC in a big way, that’s not stopping them from bringing SimCity Social to Facebook. Expect SimFEMA donation requests to pop up in your feed when an alien attack takes down your “friend’s” “town.”


Taking all the fun of Pokemon and jamming it down your profile pic’s throat, Outernauts actually boasts a decent story and setting with its astronautical slant on sci-fi biology. Other things Outernauts boasts? A good yardstick for who needs to be deleted from your friend list.

Puzzle Chasers

We’re not sure why you’d need to include Facebooking in your Jigsaw puzzles. But if you do, exercising the decency to not share every time you find all four corners. That said, each tidbit of the underlying love story (WTF?) found in Konami’s new social game would be a wonderful substitute for sending us a birthday e-card.

City Girl

Watered down RPGs are the bread and butter of Facebook games and no demographic gets left out, especially aspiring working girls. City Girl touts all the depth of Mall Madness (There’s a sale at the Kitchen Store!) but does it under the guise of building a career. The colorful, sassy avatars of the game are almost guaranteed to replace profile pics that would otherwise let you know if the girl you met last night was a four or a nine.

Mobsters: Criminal Empire

Growing up in a big way from its Myspace predecessor only insures two things of Mobsters: Criminal Empire. 1, the game will deliver a more traditional graphic experience than its text-based precursor and 2, it’ll have you wanting to shut down your Facebook account almost as quickly as you shut down your Myspace account.

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