East Meets West Recipe

Learn how to make Chefs Ratha Chau’s and Ben Daitz’s sandwich.


Sweet & Sour Veal Tongue Num Pang

Ratha Chau and Ben Daitz, of Num Pang


Tongue Braising Liquid

1 3lb Veal Tongue

2 Carrots – peeled and sliced

1 Large Onion – cut in quarters

1 Lemongrass Stalk – bruised with the back of a knife

1 Head of Garlic – cut in half

1 Jalapeño – cut in half

2 Piece Ginger – peeled and cut into strips

4 tbs Worcestershire Sauce

4 tbs Rice Wine Vinegar

2 tbs

Whole Black Peppercorns

2 Bay Leaves

2 tbs Salt

Sweet & Sour Tongue Glaze

1cp Raisins

2 tbs Ginger minced

2 tbs Worcestershire Sauce

2 tbs Rice Wine Vinegar

Toungue Braising liquid, reduced to ¾ qt

3 tbs Brown Sugar

Salt and pepper, to taste


Place tongue in bowl in sink and rinse with cold water for approximately 1 hour, letting the water run over and drain. Place all braising liquid ingredients in a pot, add tongue, cover ingredients by 2 inches with water. On low heat let the liquid come to a simmer, skim the surface to remove the impurities. Cook for approximately 1 hour per pound (3 hours total). Test doneness by inserting a small knife into tongue. The knife should slide in and out with no resistance. When done, remove tongue and place in a bowl of cold water. This will then allow you to peel off the skin easily. Once the tongue is peeled, set aside. Strain the cooking liquid and reduce to ¾ quart in a small saucepan over medium heat. In small pot in a little oil sweat ginger, shallots and raisins. Add Brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, rice wine vinegar, and ½ quart of the reduced braising liquid, salt and pepper and puree with hand blender until smooth. Should be a balanced flavor of sweet and sour. Slice tongue as thinly as possible and warm in the sweet & sour glaze.


Toast a sliced sandwich-size piece of baguette .

Spread Chili Mayo on baguette (mayo, hot pepper sauce, sugar, salt and pepper to taste)

Place 2 paper-thin slices of cucumber on the mayo

Place 3 tbs of pickled carrots on the cucumber (carrots, white wine vinegar, sugar, s/p)

Place a generous portion of sliced and glazed tongue on carrots

Top with baguette and get down!

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