Barrel-Chested Freak Deadlifts 1,100 Pounds, Then Promptly Passes Out

Watch this monster become the first man to lift more than half a ton–and nearly die trying.

British strongman Eddie Hall, who continues breaking his own weightlifting records, became the first human being to ever deadlift more than half a ton over the weekend and almost died in the process

Hall hoisted up the 1,102 pound barbell in front of thousands of spectators in Leeds Arena. After holding the weight for several seconds, he let it drop, and then dropped himself. 

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After the lift, he said he was proud to be a part of history. “It feels really good to prove people who said it couldn’t be done wrong,” he said.

Then he said he probably could have lifted more. Not that he wants to. “That nearly killed me. The pressure on my body was surreal. I passed out after. I had nose bleeds. It’s not healthy doing something like that,”

Of course, Hall says there is one thing that could force him to try an even heavier deadlift. “I don’t want to do it again, but if it comes to the point that someone breaks it, I may,” he said.