Eddie Murphy Tells Arsenio Why There Will Never Be a “Coming to America” Sequel

Blame a real-life African prince!

Last night on Arsenio, the talk show legend had a very special guest: his Coming to America costar—and best bud—Eddie Murphy. They discussed many things (the time Arsenio got Eddie drunk, Eddie’s upcoming live show featuring Stevie Wonder), but we paid the most attention to their conversation about why there hasn’t been a sequel to Coming to America. See, we consider this movie to be the funniest of all time (we even had NY Giants cornerback and real-life African royalty, Prince Amukamara, take a tour of locations from the film), so the fact that there hasn’t been a “Part 2” kinda bums us out. In the clip below, Eddie tells Arsenio that, after 25 years, a series of lawsuits (including one from a different real-life African prince) are to blame for not bringing the McDowell’s team back together…