Eddie Vedder Joins Instagram to Teach Fans How to Vote by Mail

“I’m about to go POSTAL!”


Eddie Vedder has finally joined Instagram, and the Pearl Jam frontmanis using the social platform to show fans how to vote by mail. 

Just two days posting his inaugural photo—an emblem featuring the initials “ED”—Vedder joked that that he was about to “go postal. “


“GOOD MORNING. Hope you’re all well and hanging tough in these extraordinary times. Me, myself? I’m about to go POSTAL!” he said in his first two selfies.  


“Lest there by any confusion, here is how simple, secure, and verifiable it is to Vote By Mail… In regards to something so huge as taking part in our democracy and putting your voices to great use, nothing could be easier. And at this intense time of a global pandemic, even more importantly, nothing could be SAFER.”


Consequence of Sound points out that Vedder posted a total of eight photos featuring the official ballot for the August primary in his home city of Seattle, an official voters guide, a how-to bubbling diagram, envelope sealing instructions, and an explanation of the signature verification process. 


“Please, let’s not be confused by the rhetoric being used by certain folks who apparently want less people to vote. Or would rather that you risk your own health and the safety of others when you could be using this tested, tried and true method that’s worked for year,” Vedder continued, adding that Pearl Jam members have been absentee voting since 1992 due to touring. 


“And then ‘the sticker.’ Wear it proud. You’ve just participated in the SINGLE GREATEST FORM OF NON-VIOLENT PROTEST,” Vedder concluded. “Your voice will be heard. And speaking as a bit of a singer myself, I know that can be a pretty good feeling.”


Register to vote and request an absentee ballot here. As for the rest of Vedder’s Instagram feed, it looks like we can expect backstage pics, radio plugs, motivational quotes and whatever else the 55-year-old rocker feels like sharing.