Eden Grinshpan Makes Healthy Food Sexy

Admit it, you would eat anything this woman serves. Luckily, the comely host of Eden Eats lives in a delicious world.

Grinshpan, who is as talented as she is charming, has had a busy couple of years. As the stunning host of the Cooking Channel’s Eden Eats (2012) andLog On & Eat with Eden Grinshpan (2013), she brought a youthful sense of adventure plus a sexy, spunky curiosity to the world of food television. This year, you may have caught her on vh1’s Big Morning Buzz, Food Network’s Donut Showdown, or Chopped Canada. We talked future plans, travel, and all things food with the vivacious personality.

So, how did you find yourself in the realm of food media?

I went to Le Cordon Bleu in London, and after, I volunteered with various organizations in India. There, I re-opened a cafe for the orphanage, Ramanas Garden. When I returned to New York, I went to the Institute of Culinary Education and a friend of mine helped me film a reel for Eden Eats. That 15-minute video is where it all began for me. 

How did you become so comfortable in front of a camera? Do you have experience in public speaking or performance?

It’s funny you ask that. I think the reason I’m so comfortable is that I’ve always performed in front of and around my family… and I have a background in dance performance as well. 

Did you have a mentor from the Food Network family?

You know, I always watched so much Food Network when I was younger, and I always loved Rachael Ray, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver. I really admired Rachael Ray and how approachable she made cooking. I didn’t grow up around chefs or cooking, but watching the Food Network when I was younger inspired me to go to culinary school. 

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your career?

I get to work with so many creative people, from the producers and directors to the chefs and any food personality I team up with. I love learning from others and collaborating on fun projects that interest people and entertain them.

Do you think you’ll ever open your own restaurant or bakery?

Yes. It won’t be in the next five years, but it’s something I’ve thought a lot about. My friends and I have even written out plans for one… that’s how much I’ve thought about this. It would most likely be a restaurant that serves Mediterranean or Middle Eastern food. 

That makes a lot of sense since you famously love Cafe Mogador.

Yes. I just love Mediterranean food. Fresh fish, olives… oh, I love olives. It’s also been said that it’s the healthiest diet to follow.

What cocktail are you loving right now?

I love a classic, like a Manhattan and an Old-Fashioned. Now that we’re transitioning to fall, I’m loving the darker drinks, specifically atAttaboy, where my favorite bartender Sam Ross works.

What has been your favorite project thus far?

Eden Eats was where it all began for me. It was so much of who I am, and it was the first thing I ever did!

Speaking of fall, which foods will you be eating as the weather changes?

A stacked cheese platter screams fall to me. Enjoy that with a crusty baguette or some sourdough and a bottle of earthy red wine and I am set. I love going to the farmers market and loading up on all the woodsy herbs like sage, rosemary, thyme and roasting them with squash, sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts. Roasts and stews rock my world. Oh, and I pretty much love anything with cinnamon. And don’t forget sweet, sticky hot drinks like hot apple cider and hot chocolate.

What are your favorite restaurants and chefs? 

Oh, there are so many. I need to give you a list-the chefs I love work at my favorite restaurants. Here it is, some new and some old:


Sushi Nakazawa

Russ and Daughters

Black Seed Bagels

Ivan Ramen

Tavern Kyclades

NY Dosas



You have a very adventurous palate. What’s something crazy you’ve eaten and you hate?

Tripe! It’s a texture thing. I want to like it, and I just don’t. 

That’s nuts. We didn’t think you’d have an answer for that one.

You know, I eat everything, and I will continue to eat tripe until I like it. Doesn’t it work like that anyway? Keep trying it until you like it. 

Something like that. Let’s transition to travel. Where’s somewhere you haven’t been yet that you’re dying to go?

Japan. I need to eat all that the country has to offer.

Do you have a trip planned?

Actually, my next trips for the year are planned out. I’ll be visiting Africa soon with family. 

Wow. What’s next for Eden Grinshpan?

I am currently working on a cookbook, re-launching my blog, starting to pitch new shows and hopefully get involved with a new web series.

There are so many young, gorgeous women embracing food right now (Chrissy Teigen is a great example that comes to mind) and diving into the culinary landscape. What do you think it’s like to be a woman in this world in 2014?

Well, I think it’s great. Food is fun. Food is life. Food is family. I love ChrissyTeigen and the way she really plays with it. She’s showcasing a new kind of woman. It’s a simple thing, but refreshing. She’s a newlywed and trying to navigate what it means to be a homemaker and make great food. I love it. I think it’s amazing to be a woman who embraces food. 

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received?

“Never give up.” Perseverance has been so important to me. Additionally, I have such a strong support system in my family. When I first decided that I wanted to go to culinary school instead of a university, my dad said, “Sure! You should go to Le Cordon Bleu!” That’s the kind of support I have, and I know I’m very fortunate. 

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