Watch This Fascinating 30 for 30 Short on Elvis, the Raquetball Addict

When the King goes, he goes hard.
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In the last few years of his life, Elvis Presley was, to put it gently, a fat fuck. He ate, drank and worried those around him so much that his personal doctor suggested he take up racquetball, which was pretty much the Zumba of its time.

That’s the set up for the 30 for 30 Short, “When the King Held Court,” which tells the story of Elvis’ brief foray into racquetball. The King fell in love with the game, developed plans to build courts all around the country and eventually spiked those plans when his money-grubbing manager decided they wouldn’t do enough for the bottom line.

But even though Elvis didn’t open the Starbucks of racquetball, he did build his own shrine to the sport at Graceland. And based on the animation in this video, it was everything you'd expect from a man with Elvis' reputation for excess. After all, he couldn't burn off the 10K calories he was taking in each day on a YMCA court. 

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