‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actor Emilio Rivera Confirmed For ‘Mayans MC’ Spinoff

Who’s psyched for this spinoff of the best biker show on TV?

Months after we heard that a Sons of Anarchy spinoff is in the works, we’ve finally gotten official word that actor Emilio Rivera will reprise his role as the Mayans’ gang president Marcus Álvarez on Mayans MC.

The welcomed news nugget for SOA fans came from one of Rivera’s Instagram posts, which he captioned “Mayan Mondays gonna be a Crazy ride.”

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While further details regarding the show’s cast, setting and story remain few and far between, there’s still good reason to expect great things from Mayans MC.

Elgin James, one of the show’s writers and friend of SOA creator Kurt Summit, has real-world experience with tough street gangs. He’s a former member of Friends Stand United (FSU), a violent Boston-based outfit affiliated with the city’s hardcore punk scene in the 1990s. (Elgin was the singer for Boston straight-edge band Wrecking Crew.)

This isn’t the first SOA spinoff discussed, as Moviepilot reports:

The possibility of a Sons of Anarchy prequel series—which was tentatively titled First 9—had been flying around since before the final season had even been wrapped up. Back in 2014, Sutter claimed that he was planning a spinoff prequel series to be set around the time of the Vietnam War and focusing on the nine founding members of SAMCRO.

But Rivera’s post seems to suggest a more contemporary spinoff, reports the site.

If he is to be reprising his role as Álvarez—which is a pretty safe bet, as his Instagram hashtags suggest—it’s likely that Mayans MC will take place either during or after the events of Sons of Anarchy.

And—a few hours prior to Rivera’s post—Sutter re-posted a behind the scenes picture of himself on the Sons of Anarchy set with Rivera, just in case you weren’t excited enough to see him again in the upcoming spin-off series.

Repost @emiliorivera48 #RollOut Mayan Monday #MayansMc #MarcusAlvarez #emiliorivera #kurtsutter @mayansmc_onfx

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