Emily Blunt Gave Anne Hathaway a Brief Lap Dance on “Lip Sync Battle”

And Anne Hathaway gave Emily Blunt the finger.

As Maxim’s official lip-syncing correspondent (Note: I prefer karaoke to this garbage activity), this week I bring you a showdown to rival last week’s between The Rock and Jimmy Fallon, both in beauty and talent: Emily Blunt vs. Anne Hathaway on “Lip Sync Battle.”

In the first round of last night’s episode, Hathaway pulled out a soulful “Love” by Mary J. Blige, but Blunt knew how to work it with Blackstreet’s “No Diggity.” (It’s during this performance that Ms. Blunt backed that thing up onto Hathaway.) 

But in the next face-off, Hathaway’s past life as a theater kid came to full fruition. Blunt/Janis Joplin’s “Piece of my Heart” had nothing on Hathaway’s Miley Cyrus transformation for “Wrecking Ball.” (She actually came in on a wrecking ball.) Congratulations Anne, on being the best at pretending to sing stuff.