Eminem Appears On ‘SNL’ In Pete Davidson Christmas-Themed ‘Stan’ Parody Video

“I guess Shady must have been a good boy this year.”

The new episode of Saturday Night Live that aired Dec. 5 featured actor Jason Bateman taking on hosting duties with country star Morgan Wallen as musical guest. Eminem also showed up — in an unexpected and pretty damn funny way.

Clockwise from top: Eminem, Jason Bateman, Pete Davidson

In a digital short parody of Em’s iconic tale of an obsessed fan, “Stan,” Pete Davidson — complete with short blonde hair like circa 2000 Eminem in videos for The Marshall Mathers LP — played the central character, “Stu,” and Jason Bateman’s Santa Claus was the object of his fanatical letter-writing. 

Stu’s goal for Christmas was getting a Sony PS5, and just as in Eminem’s original and still disturbing song, Stu unravels over the course of the video, dropping lines like:

Just bring that PS 5 broIf it’s the only thing you doSincerely yours, Stu.

Kate McKinnon also appears as Dido, singing a version of English singer’s “Thank You,” then is followed by Bowen Yang pulling off a pretty credible Elton John impersonation.

But the big surprise comes at the very end when a flickering old TV reveals Marshall Mathers himself, the bearded 2020 Eminem — wearing an epic Christmas sweater and opening a new PS5 beside his Christmas tree.  

Em looks straight into the camera as he opens his present and says, “I guess Shady must have been a good boy this year. Sorry, Stu, you fucked up.”

Stu’s frustration in seeking a new Playstation might be understandable since it keeps going out of stock at various retail outlets. 

Make sure you don’t end up freaking out like him by keeping track of its availability here: techradar.com/news/where-to-buy-ps5.