Listen to Eminem’s Epic New Track ‘Walk on Water’ Featuring Beyonce

Guess who’s back.

Eminem Beyonce
Left: Twitter/@Eminem

Eminem just dropped a new track, “Walk on Water,” the first release from his forthcoming album, Revival. Listen to it above. 

Beyonce kicks off the ballad with a powerful chorus as the perfection-obsessed rapper crumples pieces of paper in the background before spitting introspective rhymes in the verses. 

The instrumentation is uncharacteristically simple. Except for gentle kicks from a bass drum during the bridge, the duo is accompanied only by a piano and sparse orchestral strings. 

A taste of Marshall’s cocky alter ego, Slim Shady, emerges in the last line when DJ scratches replace the accompaniment.

Cause I’m just a man, but as long as I got a mic/I’m God-like/You and I are not alike/Bitch, I wrote ‘Stan.'”

We’ll see what else Eminem has in store when Revival drops November 17. 

h/t: Rolling Stone