Hear Eminem Rap an Insanely Fast Verse on Nicki Minaj’s ‘Majesty’

Em steals the show once again.

Eminem Nicki Minaj Promo
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Eminem lent his fiery brand of lightning-fast rhymes to Nicki Minaj’s buzzworthy new album, Queen. 

After the femcee boisterously declares herself a hip-hop royal in the first half of “Majesty,” Em takes the track home with a verse that goes from fast to faster with the words “Speed it up a little bit!” Listen to a snippet below: 

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Even though “Majesty” features the man some have controversially called the greatest rapper of all time, the album’s most viral hit is “Barbie Dreams,” a brutal diss track set to a sample of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Just Playing (Dreams).”

Rolling Stone has further details on the verbal carnage that ensues: 

Nicki Minaj “dreams of fucking one of these little rappers,” and cuts them down to size in the process. “Drake worth a 100 million, always buying me shit/But I don’t know if the pussy wet or if he crying and shit,” she rhymes, subtly poking fun at Drake’s sad boy persona.

She crows about former beau Meek Mill haunting her DM’s, Young Thug stealing her dresses, and DJ Khaled’s portly weight—providing grist for countless memes in the process

Minaj shifts her sights from male to female wordsmiths on “Ganja Burns.” No names are dropped, but at least one of the lines presumably targets the likes of Cardi B, Lil Kim, and perhaps even reality TV brat-turned-rapper Danielle Bregoli, aka the “Cash Me Ousside” girl. 

“Unlike a lot of these hoes, whether wack or lit/At least I can say I wrote every rap I spit.” 

Minaj promoted the record in an appearance on The Late Show that went viral thanks to an impromptu rhyme about her and host Stephen Colbert getting it on. See for yourself below: 


Fifteen years in the game, and Minaj is clearly still killing it.