Emma Stone Cast in Woody Allen’s New Film, Because Obviously

It looks like the famous director might have a new muse.

Cinema’s newest sweetheart (and former Hot 100er) Emma Stone will make her Woody Allen film debut in Magic in the Moonlight this summer, but the director isn’t even waiting to see how his new starlet does with audiences before signing up for more. The Gwen Stacy to every red-blooded American’s fantasy Spider-Man has reportedly signed on to star in Allen’s next flick, set to begin shooting this summer.

Allen has shown great taste when it comes to choosing his leading ladies, casting Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz repeatedly, not to mention his early work with a young Diane Keaton. Joaquin Phoenix has also signed on for a role in the as-yet unnamed project, which will mark his first go-round with Allen – and raise the production’s potential for serious weirdness considerably.

Photos by Warner Bros. Pictures