Emma Stone Cures Joaquin Phoenix’s Impotence in the “Irrational Man” Trailer

Woody Allen is back with a very Woody Allen-esque production.

Ah, the classic Woody Allen love story: Older, neurotic, and—in this case—impotent man (Joaquin Phoenix) meets a beautiful, fresh-faced ingenue (Emma Stone) and she ignites a spark within him. Such is the plot-line of the esteemed director’s latest summer film, “Irrational Man,” which will hit theaters on July 24. Even better, Phoenix, playing the titular irrational man, is a philosophy professor tackling an existential crisis (ten bucks says his safe word is “ennui”) while Stone plays his student. Good God. Come to see Allen as a caricature of himself, stay for the inexplicable word cloud at the end.