Emma Stone Taught Math With Hot Dogs on a Weird, Funny ‘SNL’

Also, a Bigfoot-style hunt through the woods for Hillary Clinton.

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Emma Stone hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time Saturday. It was a middle of the road episode for the show in general. There were the usual doses of topical, political humor but some funny, occasionally flat-out weird material as well. In a sketch that showcased the regular cast as much as the host, Stone played a hot “Dude Mag” poster babe who tried to help a dreaming Pete Davidson learn math with hot dogs. It wasn’t a great moment for math education but it was pretty decent weird comedy.

A digital short titled “The Hunt for Hil” parodied multiple sightings of former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton taking nature walks in the New York woods, treating the search for Hillary as if she was a mythical Bigfoot-like creature. The short gave cast standout Kate McKinnon another chance to put on her sometimes pitch-perfect Clinton persona but was probably even more successful as a riff on dumb basic cable monster hunting shows.

“Weekend Update” took on 90s nostalgia and this led to a surprise appearance by Jennifer Aniston, who showed up to confront Vanessa Bayer’s spot-on impression of her Friends character, Rachel Green. In the process we learned that Bayer may have kind of a girl crush on Aniston—just like every woman who ever asked for “the Rachel” in a salon in the late 1990s.

We would have been fine with a little more Emma Stone in many sketches, but what we got was great, showcasing once again the fact that Stone is a charismatic and multi-talented performer worth watching in whatever she does.

The December 10, 2016 Saturday Night Live will be hosted by no less than John Cena, with musical guest Maren Morris.