Watch This Epic Mashup of Movie Nightclubs

Hell’s Club is where Tony Montana, Blade, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and all your other favorite movie characters hang out.

One YouTuber has just made a case for what the coolest club of all time is: Hell’s Club. “Outside of time, outside of all logic,” Hell’s Club is where fictional characters meet to drink, dance, and, inevitably, fight. This mashup video intersperses iconic club scenes from movies like Saturday Night Fever, Terminator, Trainspotting,  Boogie Nights,Star Wars, Blade 2, American Psycho, Scarface and others; it’s edited and filtered in such a way that it appears as if all your favorite characters are actually hanging out in the same establishment. Ever wanted to see Tony Montana and Stanley Ipkiss hanging out? Now’s your chance.