Eric Berry is Ridiculously Afraid of Horses

Seriously, he doesn’t mess around with them.

Seriously, he doesn’t mess around with them.

Over the years, Inside the NFL has captured some of the most interesting, intense and heart-wrenching stories in professional football, but it wasn’t until this that they reached the apex. The show captured Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry last week in a, um, vulnerable moment. The guy absolutely loses his shit around horses.

As if Berry darting around the sidelines keeping an eye on the horse and even bolting from a huddle (“hold up coach, that horse out there”) to escape it wasn’t enough, the voiceover comes on to let us know that Berry has Equinophobia, the fear of horses. And with Warpaint, the Chiefs main steed, roaming the sidelines at all the home games, the guy could not be on a worse team (no, not even the Broncos). For his mental health, let’s hope that Berry secures a trade to a foal-free division.

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