Erin Andrews Is Suing for a Ton of Money Over That Stalking Video

But just how much is the Fox Correspondent hoping to collect?

Erin Andrews was secretly recorded in her hotel room by a disgusting pervert stalker in September 2008. Seven years later, her lawsuit against Marriott International, which she says helped the peeping tom violate her privacy, has become public. And the most interesting detail is the amount of money she’s seeking for the ordeal: $75 million.

Andrews alleges that workers at the Nashville Marriott where she was secretly recorded helped Michael David Barrett spy on her. Barrett, who pled guilty to stalking charges in 2009, allegedly enlisted Marriott workers to find out Andrews’ room number and convinced them to let him stay in the room next to hers. This constitutes a gross invasion of privacy, Andrews’ suit says.

Barrett, an Illinois insurance executive, altered the peep hole on Andrews’ door and then filmed her inside her room. He then put the footage, which showed her changing clothes, on the internet and also tried to sell it to TMZ. 

At Barrett’s 2009 sentencing, Andrews commented on the pain she suffered. “It’s my body on the Internet,” she said. “I’m being traumatized every single day for what he did. … This will never be over for me.”

Seven years after the incident, the 37-year-old says it’s not only the secret taping and the subsequent leaking of the video that haunt her. “What made that experience even more horrible was that a lot of people just looked at it as a joke–like I pursued litigation to become famous,” she told Redbook in a recent interview.

The trial is expected to start in February, four and half years after Andrews first filed her complaint against the hotel chain. 

Photos by Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic