Evercade Handheld Gaming Console Brings The Nostalgia With 145 Classic Games

Indulge in retro handheld fun with 145 games from Atari, Namco, and more.


If the Game Boy debuted in the 1980s, it might look and function like the retro-inspired new Evercade handheld gaming console.


While recent throwbacks to retro consoles have channeled the original design of the Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayStation and Sega Genesis, the Evercade offers classic video games in a sleek, nostalgia-packed package. 


The Verge reports on its list of features, which include a bright 4.3-inch display surrounded by a clean red and white shell, a directional pad, “Menu” “Select” and “Start buttons,” four action buttons, two top-mounted triggers, a power switch, a four- to five-hour battery life, and three inputs for USB, Midi HDMI and headphone cables. 


Aside from its portability, the Evercade’s unique selling point is the fact that it runs cartridges instead of pre-loaded software. The UK-based company behind the Evercade worked closely with publishers to manufacture 145 game carts that are available to purchase in bundles priced at $20. Each bundle features titles from specific game developers like Namco, Data East and Interplay. 

For instance, the Atari Collection 1 includes the following: 

  • Centipede (2600)
  • Missile Command (2600)
  • Alien Brigade (7800)
  • Adventure (2600)
  • Ninja Golf (7800)
  • Food Fight (7800)
  • Motor Psycho (7800)
  • Crystal Castles (2600)
  • Desert Falcon (2600)
  • Tempest (2600)
  • Asteroids (2600)
  • Canyon Bomber (2600)
  • Gravitar (2600)
  • Double Dunk (2600)
  • Steeplechase (2600)
  • Video Pinball (2600)
  • Night Driver (2600)
  • Aquaventure (2600)
  • Swordquest Earthworld (2600)
  • Yars Return (2600)

An Evercade starter pack that includes the console and Atari, Interplay and Data East bundles is available to pre-order on Amazon for $99 before its released on June 5.