WATCH: This Explosive Supercut of Every James Bond Gadget Will Blow Your Mind

From the submarine car to the laser watch, the legendary superspy would be long dead if it wasn’t for Q Branch.

If there’s one thing we all love about James Bond, it’s his arsenal of ridiculous gadgets. To that end, the guys at Burger Fiction guys decided cut together a 17-minute video of every gadget used by 007 throughout the franchise in chronological order.

Here at Maxim, we’re obsessed with Bond’s gear. We’ve nailed down the most awesome gadgets featured across the franchise through the years and looked at how fictional Bond tech eventually became reality. But to be quite honest, this supercut is the perfect, loving tribute to the creativity of the franchise in continually finding cool ways to kill bad guys and blow shit up.

Sure, Bond’s world is filled with awesome cars, excellent drinks and gorgeous women, but Bond isn’t truly Bond without his gadgets. Don’t worry, though: You’ll certainly get your fill when Spectre hits theaters this week.