Here’s Every James Bond Gun Barrel Sequence at the Same Time

One of our favorite 007 features as you’ve never seen it before.

If there’s one constant in the James Bond franchise outside of martinis and beautiful women, it’s the opening credits. Bond, seen through the barrel of a distant sniper, strides across the screen before turning and firing on his would-be assassin. The screen goes red with blood and the movie begins, just as it has since Dr. No in 1962.

On Monday, an ingenious redditor had the brilliant idea to put every gun barrel sequence from every James Bond movie (minus Spectre for obvious reasons) in the same frame. The result is fascinating:

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The main difference, other than timing, seems to be just background. You can tell from the Roger Moore era that his strut across the screen doesn’t seem to change much, just the tint of the sniper’s scope. The only major departure is Casino Royale in the lower right-hand corner, which incorporates Bond’s first official kill into the opening credits for his ‘origin story.’

If you want to watch the gun barrel sequence evolve in a more linear fashion, watch the video below: