Everybody Calm Down: The Lakers Still Suck

Anybody else in the world, rejoice!

Anybody else in the world, rejoice!

(Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty)

After big wins over the Bucks and the Cavs, who clock in with a staggering combined record of 30-48, basketball punditry as a whole declared the re-emergence of the Los Angeles Lakers. They were just a “signature win” shy of dropping their purple and yellow thunder on the entire Western Conference.

However, this illusion came crashing to the floor last night faster than Chris Duhon’s post-draft expectations when the Heat outlasted, out-shot, and most importantly, out-bigged the Lakers on their home court. Mike D’Antoni is taking the heat (no pun intended) for yet another team that doesn’t know how to string together wins, but this one should land squarely on his shoulders. It’s probably time to revisit your game plan when your team (that features two seven-footers) gets outscored 68-28 in the paint.

Besides that astonishing stat, it’s apparent that LA can’t close games. They topped the Heat in rebounds and shooting percentage, on top of shooting way better than Miami from beyond the arc. But the most telling statistic was Dwight Howard, shooting 5-13 from the line, including two missed in the final two minutes, allowing Ray Allen and the Heat to seal the deal. This seems like one wagon train that cannot be turned around.

It’s not that bad though, LA. There’s plenty of room on the Clippers’ bandwagon.

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