Watch: Everything You Need to Know About the ‘Best Picture’ Oscar Nominees in Less Than 4 Minutes

Get up to speed before February 28th’s awards show.

Let’s admit it: Unless you have a ton of free time, the odds that you’ve actually seen all 8 of the Best Picture nominees this year are pretty slim. (And no, repeatedly watching Mad Max: Fury Road does not count.)

If you’re wondering what movie that guy who plays The Hulk is in, or if you have no idea why Leonardo DiCaprio is up for an Oscar, you’re in luck. Digg has produced a star-studded, heavy spoiled recap video that will give you with enough info to talk Oscars with your friends without sounding like a fool.

At a runtime just short of 4 minutes, watching this superbly edited clip will make you feel like you’re a master of the cinema, all without shelling out the overpriced ticket fare and greasy popcorn hands.

The 88th Academy Awards, hosted by Chris Rock, will air on ABC on February 28th at 8PM EST.