Believe It Or Not, This is Ewan McGregor in the Cryptic New Trailer for ‘Fargo’

The actor actually plays two roles in season three of the FX series.

Outside of Trainspottingactor Ewan McGregor has always taken roles that seem to fit well with his leading man looks. He’s moving to the small screen in season three of FX’s hit series Fargo (inspired by the Coen brothers’ hit dark comedy), and viewers will get a double dose of the English actor. From this new trailer, it’s obvious this is no simple film trickery with lookalikes, because yes, that’s McGregor in the clip above, looking like a weaselly ’70s-era crook.  

A report in Digital Spy indicates McGregor isn’t playing twins—that’d be too easy. His characters are indeed brothers, though—Emmit and Ray Stussy. Emmit is a successful businessman with a great home life and Ray is the sketchy, balding dude in the trailer, who is envious of his brother’s life. 

McGregor told Digital Spy his roles require “quite a bit of prosthetics and make-up.” The makeup isn’t the only tough part of the job, either. In playing a pair of brothers, the actor says he’s had to “find their voices which has been a challenge, but I’ve really enjoyed that.” 

McGregor also said making the show was “really exciting” and that he was a fan of the first two seasons.

Fargo‘s reviews have generally been as positive as the series’ film namesake because it maintains the same balance of humor and tension. If it’s drawing actors of McGregor’s caliber it’s clearly aiming to remain a premium cable drama.

We’ll find out just how well the man who played the Obi-wan Kenobi of the Star Wars prequels pulls off his double job when Fargo premieres April 19th.

h/t Digital Spy