Exclusive: Check Out a Clip of the Intense “Deadliest Catch” Finale

The world’s baddest crab fishermen are ending another season…if they don’t kill each other first.

Photo Courtesy of Discovery Channel

We know first handhow insanely intense crab fishing with theDeadliest Catchcrew can be. Between rough seas, crazy storms, and loads of sharp and dangerous equipment, doing time on a boat is probably even less fun then your office job. There’s also, of course, the human element. When a gaggle of tough-as-nails (but not very warm-and-cuddly) crab fishermen are forced to spend months at sea together, tempers are undoubtedly going to flare up. This exclusive clip from the show’s season finale focuses on just that. So check it out, then give that nerd from your IT department a hug…at least you guys will probably never kill one another.


The Deadliest Catch season finale airs Tuesday, July 30, at 9pm on Discovery.

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