Exclusive Clip: "Plastic Man: The Complete Collection"

The animated adventures of DC Comics' most flexible hero are coming to DVD October 20th. We've got a first look at this trip down Saturday Mornings past.
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Plastic Man might not have been the coolest hero in the DC Universe, but his show was definitely the most hilarious - intentionally and sometimes not (but mostly intentionally). Imagine Scooby-Doo if the hero wasn't a dog with a speech impediment but rather a rubber-limbed goofball superhero in a Speedo.

On October 20th, Warner Bros. is bringing Plas's entire series to DVD for the first time, so you can relive moments like...well, this: Plastic Man vs. the dreaded Ghost Finger (snicker). Enjoy.

Plastic Man: The Complete Collectionhits shelves October 20th.