Exclusive: A Drink With America Olivo [Video]

We sat down over booze with the star of Bitch Slap, the foul-mouthed, badly-behaved, barely-dressed B-movie homage on DVD now.

In Bitch Slap, three badass women punch, kick, shoot, and shower their way through a grimy tale of greed and violent retribution. As hardened prison lesbian Camero, America Olivo makes hair-trigger psychosis almost sexy.

So you can imagine our surprise when we sat down with America and she politely declined our invitation to do whiskey shots. Instead, the California-bred beauty casually sipped red wine as we talked onscreen ballbusting, fortunate scar tissue, and, of course, her extensive opera training at Juilliard.

Bitch Slap is available on DVD now. Get yourself some.