Exclusive: Everything You Need to Know About Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming

A new documentary series called MMO Future Shock explores why videogame titles like World of Warcraft and free-to-play games are quickly taking over the industry.


Friend of Maxim and documentary filmmaker Ben Gonyo dropped us a line about a new series he has put the finishing touches on called MMO Future Shock dealing with the ever increasing size of the gaming industry, particularly the massively multiplayer online segment.

Industry bigs, including former Boston Red Sox pitcher-turned game producer Curt Shilling, weigh in with their own thoughts on the direction of the genre and why more than 180 million people worldwide spend their waking hours in a virtual world.

While Activision Blizzard’s mainstream MMO blockbuster World of Warcraft charges users a monthly fee, many game companies, such as those which put out games like MapleStory and Free Realms, are changing the paradigm for making moolah.

Enjoy the first episode above and Gonyo promises additional episodes in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.