Exclusive First Look at The Mechanic

Jason Statham is back, because apparently there are skulls that still need cracking. Check out these exclusive stills from his remake of the Charles Bronson classic.

In The Mechanic, based on the 1972 Charles Bronson thriller of the same name, Jason Statham plays a cold-as-ice hitman who takes a young budding badass (3:10 to Yuma‘s Ben Foster) under his wing. Together, they navigate a world of untrustworthy people, seductive women, and explosions. Lots and lots of explosions.

Check out these exclusive first look pictures, and clear your schedule for The Mechanic.

Jason Statham and Ben Foster are the Ben Kenobi/Luke Skywalker of hired killers.

Mini Anden as “Sara,” a woman who spurns society’s need for pants (and for that we thank her)

The Mechanic Trailer

The Mechanic opens everywhere January 28, 2011