Exclusive: The Girls of ‘Dragon Age: Origins’

Meet the hotties behind the fake hotties. By Gerasimos Manolatos

Cut from the same cloth as their previous Baldur’s Gate series, Bioware’s upcoming RPG Dragon Age: Origins thrusts players into a world of magic, nobility, and bloody battles. Lots and lots of bloody battles. But, killing off seven-story tall dragons and no play makes one’s game character a dull boy (or girl). Fortunately, the developers included a couple of ways allowing one’s avatar let off some virtual steam: sneaky seductress Leliana and shapeshifting mage Morrigan. Both are possible romantic companions in the game—the second best kind of sex, next to the real thing!—but you don’t have to wait until the release date to fall in love with them. We’ve got exclusive photos of real-life hotties Alleykatze and Victoria Johnson who lent their sexy curves to their video game counterparts. That’s some levelling up we can all get behind!

Dragon Age: Origins hits stores on November 3 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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