Watch John Travolta Rage as the Infamous Mob Boss in This Exclusive ‘Gotti’ Clip

We didn’t know Travolta had it in him.

John Gotti Jr. feels the wrath of his mafioso father in this tense new clip from Gotti provided exclusively to Maxim

After the Dapper Don’s son (Spencer Lofranco) and his friends return from a brawl at a local bar, Gotti violently disciplines the young man for jeopardizing his future.

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Audiences got a taste of John Travolta’s take on Gambino crime family boss in the movie’s official trailer, but the scene really shows off the Academy Award-winning actor’s terrifying interpretation of John Gotti.

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The official synopsis provides further context: 

“Gotti” is a gritty, unearthing look into the REAL story of John Gotti and the organized crime family from Gotti’s ascent up to his death. The film release marks the 16th anniversary of his death and touches upon themes of loyalty, love, family, and brotherhood, juxtaposed against a ruthless self-made mob boss with a defiance of societal norms and consequences. 

This is the only film supported and vouched for by the Gotti family themselves, finally revealing the truth behind the legacy that audiences think they know.

Gotti, produced by Fiore Films, arrives in select theaters June 15.