Exclusive: “The Losers” Behind the Scenes Clip [Video]

The Losers is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on July 20th, and here’s an early look at its greatest asset: The dangerously sexy Zoe Saldana.

There’s no denying that few actresses are as hot – in every meaning of the word – as Zoe Saldana is right now. First, she had us seriously consider going blue (and never going back) in Avatar, then she fired a shoulder-mounted rocket into our hearts in the action ensemble The Losers (coming to DVD and Blu-ray next week).

To find out just how Zoe found herself on the set of this gun-toting sausage fest and to tease you with the bullet-spraying goodness of the Losers, here’s an early behind the scenes look.


The Losers comes to DVD and Blu-ray July 20th. Get in there, kid.