Exclusive: Miller Lite’s Classic Steinie Bottle Is Making A Comeback

Tastes great, less filling, and now in a throwback bottle. 

Miller Lite wants beer drinkers to grab a Steinie when the suds giant re-releases shorter, squatter throwback bottles this week from its 1970s and 1980s glory days, Maxim has learned.

Even before its “Taste Great, Less Filling” ad campaign of the late 1980s, Miller Lite employed everyman celebrities like Rodney Dangerfield, John Madden and “Mr. Baseball” Bob Uecker to serve as “Miller Lite All-Stars” in ads with the Steinie bottle. (You can revisit some of their classic commercials below).

This week, Miller Lite begins shipping the limited-edition Steinies to bars, restaurants and beer stores—where they will be available in six packs and singles—from now until the end of December, says Greg Butler, senior director of Miller Brands. 

“This is the original bottle from when we launched back in the 1970s,” Butler tells Maxim. “The brand itself has lately been seen as mass-produced beer without any soul. We’re going back to our roots, getting back to what matters most. It’s about being proud of our history, and our beer.” 

The Steinie bottles were discontinued in the late 1980s, after most major brands switched over to longnecks. “The Steinie is a traditional beer bottle,” says Butler. “It’s squatter, with a shorter neck.”

Indeed it is. Check out the 40-year evolution of the Miller Lite bottle here:

And just in case you’ve never seen the old-school Miller Lite commercials starring the Steinie, here are three classics. Feel free to watch it while guzzling the throwback bottle. It’s the right thing to do.

The First Lite Beer Open, 1986

Rodney Dangerfield hosts the Miller Banquet, 1979

Joe Frazier sings Miller Lite’s praises, 1978