Amazon’s $1 Billion ‘Lord of the Rings’ Series Will Run 5 Seasons

It’s all about Aragorn.

Lord of the Rings

We already know that Amazon bought a new Lord of the Rings series for a quarter-billion dollars. We also know that the production itself will end up costing a cool $1 billion.

The first season won’t be all about Hobbits and orcs, though—it will definitely be about Aragorn, aka Strider, played by Viggo Mortensen in the movies.

New Line Cinema

A Rings fan account learned of the details and reported that the series won’t be a re-tread of the movies. It will draw from the massive pile of notes that Tolkien put together in writing the books and cover a great deal of back story.

For anyone who never read the books, liked the movies, but found themselves confused sometimes, it seems like the Amazon show will end up connecting some loose ends. 

Will actors from the movies be back? That depends—in similar situations, showrunners sometimes want to have a kind of clean slate so the series will have its own identity.

One thing we know for sure, with a billion dollars behind it, this show will have production values light years beyond just about anything else.