Explosions & Deer Mutilations: The 4 Best Stop-Motion Car Chases

Because you’re never too old to play with cars.

The One With The Adorable Fake Deer Guts


This video popped up on YouTube a few days ago, and once we’d stopped running around the room making “Brmmm!” noises with our lips, we had to admire both its attention to detail (the fact they went to the trouble of making that green house only to blow it up two seconds later made our nerdy hearts swell with pride) and that the props they used were absolutely tiny. Watch right to the end to see just how small these cars were, then marvel at how tiny those deer intestines must have been.

The One That Violates The Most Copyright Laws

After seeing the previous video, we naturally went on a YouTube binge to see if there were any other similar films out there. Surprise! There were hundreds. Of course, most of them were ass, but there were a few we wanted to share, including this one that shows a race between James Bond’s Aston Martin, Steve McQueen’s car from Bullitt, the three Minis from The Italian Job, and, uh…Herbie. Skip the first couple minutes to avoid the waffle and jump straight into the race, then ponder the fact that, for some reason, despite this race supposedly taking place in London, England, one stretch occurs on a treacherous mountain pass. Dude – everyone knows that Britain hasn’t even invented mountains yet.

The One That Was Clearly Made By A Professional

On the one hand, it’s kinda cheating to jazz up your car chase by having your cars turn into robots and beat the tar out of each other, but on the other hand, Transformers are awesome, so what are you gonna do? Either way, this video is hella impressive.

The One That Most Closely Resembles The Way We Played With Our Cars

The previous videos are very dramatic and everything, but this one here best captures the feeling of playing with toy cars: The fierce battle for supremacy under the kitchen table, the tragic death of an innocent action figure bystander… it’s all exactly as we remember it. The only thing it’s missing is the part where our friend Mike arrives and teaches us how to blow the cars up with M-80s, before inviting us ’round to his trailer to look at his dad’s enormous pornography collection. 

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