This Amazing Instagram Uses Hot Women To Teach You Random Facts

If only college were this sexy.


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Knowing random facts comes in handy sometimes, like if you’re playing trivia, or if there’s an awkward silence during a conversation. Or if you just want to look cool and impress your friends with all the random shit you know.

To learn so much information, one must read a book, or watch a documentary, or something. But that’s boring. Nobody has the time or the motivation for such tedious tasks.

And that’s why you should check out this scholarly Instagram called Facts and Chicks, where you can learn amazing information that you’ll probably never use in a fabulously titillating way.

Did you know that jellyfish evaporate in the sun because they’re 98 percent water? I didn’t, until I learned it from Facts and Chicks. 

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And what about this fun fact about dogs making uncomfortable eye contact with their owners while emptying their bowels?

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Bet you didn’t know that, now did you?

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Oof, how’s that for a blow to the nads?

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Wow, that’s incredibly morbid. This comes to show you should never, ever, ever make an elephant sad. Don’t do it. Because they will die.

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Shout-out to all my baldies out there! The world loves you.

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One insightful person commented under this post: “Wait so you can leave a baby underwater for 6 months straight?”

Facts and Chicks, making the world a better and smarter place, one fact at a time.