These Brothers Convinced Their High Sister the Zombie Apocalypse Was Upon Them

This is a strong contender for prank of the year.


Imagine that everything is going to shit. You’ve just had oral surgery to remove a pair of errant wisdom teeth, and your asshole brother is driving you home when you hear an emergency broadcast on the radio warning that the CDC in Washington has issued a warning for a “viral outbreak” that’s resulting in cases of “high fever, nausea, death … and even cannibalism.” 

Yep, that’s right. The zombie apocalypse is here.

This is exactly what happened to the younger sister of Cabot Phillips … except that it was all a lie. With his sister zonked out from anesthetic after her trip to the dentist, Phillips and his brother decided to fake a zombie apocalypse, complete with fake emergency warnings and panicked phone calls from their parents and friends, to scare the bejesus out of their unsuspecting sibling.

The best part of this video isn’t how effectively Cabot and his brother convince their totally faded sister of the imminent collapse of society, but how readily she springs into action despite being high as a kite. 

(GIF by Chelsea Hassler via YouTube)

Watch, a laugh. We certainly did.

h/t Distractify