Fall TV’s Biggest Fails

How could a show starring Andy from Weeds and an actual monkey not be an instant hit??

Yesterday NBC announced that its new sitcom Animal Practice was getting the axe. WHAT? How could a show starring Andy from Weeds and an actual monkey not be an instant hit? Alas, several new shows have already gone off the air—before we even had a chance to not watch them!—and others are hanging on by a thread. Here are a few of them.

Photo: Neil Jacobs / NBC | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

Made in Jersey: After just two episodes, this CBS drama about a Jersey girl-turned-Big Apple lawyer got the boot, despite an aggressive advertising campaign by the network leading up to the premiere. Although we hadn’t seen it yet (and apparently, we weren’t the only ones), we are big fans of its smoking hot star, Janet Montgomery. That said, let this failure be a lesson to CBS: Next time you produce a show rooted in its star having a convincing regional accent, maybe cast someone who isn’t British.

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Saving Hope: This NBC medical drama (a Canadian import) debuted over the summer to sub-par ratings, and it was all downhill from there. It was such an underperformer, in fact, that its final two episodes only aired online—which is pretty much the TV world-equivalent of going to college online.

666 Park Avenue: This ABC series, which is reportedly on the verge of cancellation, centers on a couple who begin to suspect their posh Manhattan apartment building may be possessed by supernatural demonic forces. Um, guys, have you ever been to an Upper East Side co-op? There’s no Satanic forces—that’s just the way rich people talk.

Up All Night: Admittedly this show isn’t new, but we’re including Christina Applegate and Will Arnett’s NBC comedy because we are devastated to hear that it’s on the brink of disaster. OK, full disclosure: We’re not really watching it. But we love the idea of those two in a sitcom together! And we’ve been planning to watch it for like a year, so that should count for something, right?

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