Get Ready to Enter the Wasteland With the Fallout 4 Launch Trailer

War never changes. 

Fallout 4 is just around the corner, and there’s less than a week yet until you’re free to roam the seemingly endless expanses of the nuclear wasteland. The latest entry in Bethesda’s seminal role-playing series took four years to develop, and now it’s being set free out into the world for gamers to devour.

The launch trailer below shows off a hefty chunk of gameplay you can expect to see in-game, from the moment you step out of the Vault to your first Raider kill. While you’re checking out the trailer, you might also want pick up the official Pip-Boy companion app for either iOS and Android, which will allow you to track your in-game stats and take them with you wherever you go.

If you were one of the lucky ones who picked up the Pip-Boy Collector’s Edition when it was oh-so-briefly up for preorder, you can use this app to turn your smartphone into a surrogate Pip-Boy fit for traversing the irradiated roads of Boston. Just make sure it doesn’t get stolen by a Raider.

Fallout 4 is available on November 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.