Fans Are Freaking Out Over Viral Pic of Shockingly Thin Johnny Depp

The troubled star doesn’t look like himself.

What is up with Johnny Depp? In photos recently made with fans while touring with his band in Russia, the man known sometimes known as Captain Jack Sparrow looked decidedly gaunt.

As is evident in those photos, Depp is thin enough that some have grown pretty concerned. Is he sick? Does he have an eating disorder? Men in the performing arts are as likely as women to have one.

Depp has been touring various points of interest in his downtime and each time a fan has shared an image online, there’s been something of an outcry regarding his appearance. 

The Daily Mail has reported comments from fans on social media such as “Looking a little rough, friend, what’s up,” and “he looks thin.” Or, more dramatically, “Fuck me, is that Johnny Depp?” Their reactions have been similar to those of Jet Li’s fans, after seeing the martial arts actor looking almost equally frail.

Johnny Depp 

Depp certainly has plenty of stress to deal with, for a superstar. He’s got legal battles galore, with former managers who he says screwed up his money, and he’s being sued by ex-bodyguards who depict him as a coddled, toxic, and deeply troubled client.

If Depp isn’t ill or under tremendous stress, there’s at least one other possible explanation for his admittedly shocking appearance: He’s preparing for a role. 

Several other noted actors have dropped stunning amounts of weight in the interest of authentic portrayals. Christian Bale is one of the more notable examples, as he became downright skeletal in preparation for The Machinist, and Matthew McConaughey did the same for The Dallas Buyer’s Club

If Johnny Depp is prepping for a role, he’s clearly going for broke. 

Let’s hope that’s all it is.

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