The Fantanas


Where you’ve seen them:

Fanta soda’s slurpable, fictional spokes-hotties, who manage to make high-concept mass marketing extremely effective.

Tooti fruities:

The Fantanas—strawberry-swigging Nina (K.D.), pineapple-chugging LeeLee (Adrienne), orange-gulping Calli (Jenniffer), and grape-guzzling Raquel (Andrea)—are the pop stars of Fanta’s new multimedia ad campaign, which includes a refreshing Web site, sugary TV commercials, and bubbly personal appearances before throngs of horny soda fans.

Extra flavors:

When they’re not indulging their lust for life and high-fructose carbonated beverages, the Fantanas belch out solo projects: Jenniffer plays a drug dealer’s turncoat girlfriend in Bad Boys 2; K.D. is the object of Ice Cube’s desire (insert your own soft drink joke here) in Friday After Next.

Child Fanta-sies:

During a frenzied autograph session in Times Square, Adrienne asked one young fan if he planned to put his new Fantanas poster on his bedroom wall. “He said, ‘Hell no—I’m gonna put it on my ceiling!’” she recalls with horror. “He was nine years old.”


Fantanas’ official site